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Frequently Asked

Can your pharmacy transfer prescription refills from another pharmacy?

Yes, MedSavvy Pharmacy can transfer most prescription refills from your previous local pharmacy, as long as it’s located anywhere in Canada. Please visit the Transfer Prescription form on this site or call us at 289-989-1881.

Does your pharmacy offer online prescription renewals?

Yes. Simply visit the Refill Prescription on this site and fill out the form. You can also directly call us at 289-989-1881 and we would be happier to talk to you on the phone.

Can you directly bill my drug plan?

Absolutely, as long as your health plans allow for electronic direct billing. To set up your account, just visit our pharmacy or give us a call!

How should I dispose of my old medications?

MedSavvy Pharmacy has a free medication disposal service for old or expired medications. Simply bring them to our pharmacy to evaluate whether they can be safely used or whether you should leave them with us for proper disposal.

I’m having difficulty remembering to take my medications. Do you have any solutions?

There are a number of things we offer to help you remember to take your medication as prescribed, including medication charts, weekly medication pillboxes, and blister packs. In order to fully assess your medication compliance and individual needs, we provide annual medication review to Ontario patients taking 3 or more medications.

Call us at 289-989-1881 or come in today!

Full Service Pharmacy

Chat With Our Pharmacist

If you have any question for any prescription medication, you can reach out to our pharmacist and they can answer your question whether you fill you prescription with us or not!!!

Free Medication Delivery

Long day at work!!! Bad weather!!! Frail & elderly patient!!! Reason could be anything that you can not come in for your refills! We offer free prescription delivery

Automatic Refill

If you are on chronic medications there required to be fill every month or every three months our Autorefill program is for you.

Get the exceptional care you deserve from our local pharmacist.

At the MedSavvy Pharmacy, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Your local pharmacists approach your health management by paying close attention to your needs and providing personalized care.

Discover what they can do to make your life easier!

Your local pharmacist can help to make sure your medication is the right fit and introduce you to tools that make day-to-day medication management easier.

Our pharmacy teams are available over the phone to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your prescriptions or health. We also have ways to get your prescription to you safely via delivery, curbside delivery.