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Whether you have a liver condition or are just looking to boost your general health and counter negative influences impacting your liver, the Greeniche Liver Health Support can help. The liver is an essential organ, cleansing your body of harmful toxins. Are you consuming more than eight alcoholic drinks in a week? Eating more sugar, carbs, or greasy foods than recommended?. Do you have an overweight BMI, like 2/3s of all Canadians? Are you stressed at work? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, your liver could be at a high risk for developing disease. Be proactive and support your liver health by taking Greeniche Liver Health Support, made with the active natural ingredient, Milk Thistle, a hepatoprotectant / liver protectant, to help support liver function and to help relieve digestive disturbances. Pack Size: 60.


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