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The Greeniche Stevia Tablets are an all natural, calorie and carb free sweetener with a glycemic index of zero. They are the perfect sugar substitute for those living with diabetes or just looking to cut down on their sugar consumption. Stevia is extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana herb with new technology that can isolate the Reb-A sweet component and eliminate the bitter component, Reb-B. This results in a delicious and versatile sugar replacement that is sweeter per unit weight than granulated sugar, and is the only commercial sweetener that won’t intensify sugar cravings. Unlike other brands, our Stevia doesn’t contain unnecessary additives and is made with an unprecedented 99.8% Reb-A. Our convenient, rapidly dissolving tablet formula makes it easy to take your sweetner with you and sweeten coffee, tea or any other beverage, hot or cold. Keep your life sweet without the guilt or health concerns and soon you’ll have forgotten it’s not sugar! Contains 100 tablets.



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